Consulting Rates

I offer remote IT consulting as a retainer with an annual contract and includes remote anytime consulting hours.

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Remote IT Consulting Retainer

Retainer package Gold

$2295 per month

Support for core network equipment that I’ve recommended and installed and up to 10 users/workstations, devices, and software.


$1495 per month

Support for up to 10 users/workstations and software.


$475 per month

Support for up to 5 users/workstations and software.

Remote services included Monitor network health and alerts, reboot core network equipment as-needed, review system logs for issues. Remote network maintenance services not included. Remote network maintenance services not included.
Remote anytime consulting for system administration, user support, software development, database programming, etc Up to 10.0 hours per month Up to 3.0 hours per month
Additional remote consulting $150 per hour $160 per hour
  • Annual contract
  • Charged in 15 minute increments, 1.0 hour minimum charge per day
  • Unused hours do not carry forward
  • Remote clients only

For specific requirements in addition to the retainer contract, on-site consulting is available.

Regular hours rate (on-site) $165 per hour
Minimum charge per day (on-site) Full-day (8.0 hours)
  • Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Regular hours rate applies 9am to 6pm weekdays non-holiday
  • Non-regular hours rate is billed at 2x regular hours rate
  • Travel and expenses additional. Regular hours rate applies during round-trip travel
  • Out-of-the-area is distance beyond 10 miles radius from my home-base