Consulting Rates

I offer remote IT consulting as a retainer with an annual contract and includes remote anytime consulting hours.

For retainer options, please Contact me!

  • Annual contract
  • Charged in 15 minute increments, 1.0 hour minimum charge per day of service towards the included hours
  • Unused hours do not carry forward
  • Remote clients only


For specific requirements in addition to the retainer contract, on-site consulting is available.

Regular hours rate (on-site) $165 per hour
Minimum charge per day (on-site) Full-day (8.0 hours)
  • Billed in 15 minute increments
  • Regular hours rate applies 9am to 6pm weekdays non-holiday
  • Non-regular hours rate is billed at 2x regular hours rate
  • Travel and expenses additional. Regular hours rate applies during round-trip travel
  • Out-of-the-area is distance beyond 10 miles radius from my home-base